Friday, April 30, 2010

Touring Amish Country

I am with a tour bus when we begin touring a Mennonite village. It is is a combination of a Iroquois longhouse and a bairn/mow with stalls of loose hay.

In the open space in the middle sun streaks down. There is chiaroscuro light. White bleachers are set up and a podium for the conductor. Rehearsals are on for the choir. Everyone in black robes with foppish purple bows at the necks take their position.

The rehearsal, it is explained, was arranged on a solar calendar schedule. On the lunar calendar they have a cycle of days of vows of silence. This would be one of these days. Since each is a rule and neither can be broken, both carry forward and they stand in formation, practicing the worship by mouthing the words without a sound.

Some of the tour group watches for a while. Some start to scatter off with cameras. S and B are are there. Most are dream creations. Later we fade out and watch the Mennonite Constabulary in dress uniform. The police are inspected by the tour group as it files thru the office.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Up, Up but Not Away

Frequently at night for more than a decade I'd enter a dream on a trampoline in my parent's sunny back yard, and each time I'd land I'd bounce higher until I level with the house windows, then roof, then over the roof, higher than trees and I'd start to feel vertigo but I couldn't stop bouncing.

Eventually I learned that if I tilted my forearms a particular way I could control flight and fly along hydro wires. Sometimes my control was wonky and I couldn't go down and got vertigo.

When I got good, when I was alone in a room, in any kind of dream, I'd get a break from characters or excuse myself and be alone and rotate my forearms outwards and be able to lift and drift along the ceilings.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old Dream of Head Ghost (2008)

A sort of bobble-head movement of J's cardboard cutout face was on a sort of curlicue mediterranean blue stylized dragon, as if a coat of arms lion further stylized and animated.

I was at the base of the stairwell of the Carleton. This phantabeast kept poofing into existence, dissolving when it bit, poofing back and dragging cold burning cuts down my calves as I was led blind up the stairs of the tavern.

It was a creature of another dimension, like a Fudog but once grounded at the height above ground, grounded by flesh and blood I was out of reach but in cold fright that I couldn't speak.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dissolving Planes

In the National Library I knew something was coming over me. I could feel my senses scatter. I was in a crowd but was losing that orientation and knew I needed an ambulance. I told R but heard my words come out in a scramble. I saw the world fracture and float. There were planes of motion and movement. I knew people as a concept to exist but couldn't put any of these colors and shapes into a person. I heard voices but couldn't make it back into language. I looked at my hand and felt it likely was mine but couldn't see how it attached to my shoulder or torso. I felt myself being pushed and with relief found there was a solidity of cube shape under me. There was a sound that I could isolate as having common features if I concentrated hard but couldn't make sense of the sounds. It got louder so must be closer. There was a clustering of black planes and it was louder when shapes got nearer. Other shapes and sounds were further. I reached for it and what I decided was my right hand attached to it and the hand of mine had solidity and so did the shape of knee I held. Everything else was jarring of disconnected sound and motion.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chief Inspector

I was the chief inspection officer of all those who adopted My Little Ponies, the life sized ones. I toured back roads with my clipboard and made sure they had adequate fences, unmouldy hay and clean, fresh water because they needed to be treated humanely even if they weren't real.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greatest of Ease

I dove into the pool and shot out the far end of the pool and arc like a porpoise breaking surface. I was still in flight when I woke.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rec Room

The dream as set at my parent's house and the doorway to my old room except it opened to an auditorium, a whole wing. in one corner was a rec room set up. Inside were S, S2 and J, and a dream creation aboriginal male. We were watching movies on a wall screen. It was late at night, early a.m. I heard my mom talking and coming closer. I opened the door to go out and cut her off before she came in. S2 declared that he needed to pee and zipped past me and cut off my dad on the way to the washroom. Mom said, you have a boy in your room?? I said, no it's S2. Mom starts to lecture and S2 comes back past with popcorn. Mom dream dissolves and I reenter my room.

When I return there's no furniture and S and J are high fiving. I look up and the two black leather sofas and chair have been attached to the ceiling.

All are looking proud of themselves and toasting. S points out that they have made all the arm rests magnetized so the chip bowls stay attached. He lifted one up and attached it to the arm rest. There's a pile of chips on the floor under it.

It fades to black.

In a black box theatre

When E arrived late, K had a crescent of an audience around him, murmuring. He was grinning and was pulling up the back of his shirt to show off the scratch marks that E had left on him. Behind him I could see her watch the scene, the press of her lips, laugh suppressed, her indulgent smile.

When he looked up he startled to see she was there. He reddened differently, self-conscious, and held out an arm to greet her. She entered his side embrace. They nuzzled heads and she whispered something to him and glanced at me. She was passing on what I related to her earlier. He chuckled. They both looked at me. They left the company present.

A few dreams later, she sent me an email. I looked at it an original Mac screen. It read only "thnx" with a winkie.

Monday, April 12, 2010


B and I took a cruise to Cuba. On docking the tour guide took us to a high hill (in imitation to the temptation of Christ) and declared "all this landscape could be yours". We looked across the island, all its micrososm as in Robinson Crusoe, the rivers twisting, the sand dunes, the grassy knolls, the ski hills, the snow banks, the beaches with people dozing, the villages in the bosom of hills.

We didn't respond.

Then went shopping down into the town marketplace, crowded as a suq, pots and pans and woven fabrics, spices and tables of wares, and in the crowd of people were people hawking little manilla envelopes of hair, calling out names of who they had. One was labelled as Stuart Ross' so I bought it and ate it like cotton candy.

I went and found the ruins of my high school, part of it bombed out, part intact. Upstairs my teacher was still up there working on paperwork. Then she transformed into a blonde lady I dream-recognized from stage musicals from aboard ship and from the posters outside the galley. Except as I discovered then, she had 4 breasts in a horizontal row. The magic of stage had hid that.