Sunday, February 27, 2011

in a hazy dark room with red walls

An inordinate number wore baseball caps in a room of lots and knots of conversations, a few faced a circle of space, forearms leaning on knees.

I realized that something metallic caught the light of he who was beside me. The sides of the baseball cap were a cheese grater. I reached up to touch it and withdrew hesitant and instead asked,
- is that a functional grater?
- Yep, it's sharp, he replied. You can check yourself, he added looking at my lowered hand.
I poked the metal and found it sharp.
-It's for head cheese, he said.
-Oh, I replied, and me having come and not brought any.

Friday, February 4, 2011

a sensory joining

My pov of view flowed between the two frames, my own height and weight and then crossed up into him, feeling the size of space I take up spread out, my shoulders wider, my arms heavier, and the perspective of eye level shift so when I was (in?) him I could see the top of the filing cabinet. then whoosh I'd come back into my own shape again and feel him from the outside then into him and feel sensation where, ahem, I don't have dimensions in that direction.